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News and politics editor Donna Gordon Blankinship and reporters David Kroman and Melissa Santos. GSBA, Comcast, and other partners are working to address disparities in access to financial resources with the Ready for Business fund. Durkan is a moderate Democrat who is pretending to be a Progressive so shes not out-flanked by Moon. Agree or disagree: Efforts by the city of Seattle and King County to combat homelessness are having too little effect on the problem and theres almost no accountability. Audio for the Voters' Pamphlet Audio Guide is created by theWashington Talking Book & Braille Library. Every Sunday morning, Crosscut's weekly email sums up the best stories of the week. Facilitate community-based partnerships modeled on King Countys Communities ofOpportunity to prevent displacement. 2, LD 41 Tana Senn House Pos. Before that, he served in the Legislature as a state senator. After moving to Seattle from Texas, he started his own small firm. Select a format to learn more about the candidates and measures on your ballot. Supporters say the idea democratizes political campaigns by giving regular folks money to contribute as they choose, presumably taking some power away from rich people, companies and organizations that seem to dominate campaign finance. Why aren't all candidates' political parties listed? The Seattle Police Department handled it all flawlessly and Im grateful for that. He studied environmental conservation in college and has a graduate certificate in energy policy. Email or SHARE this to all Republicans. This being King County, Mitzi is a progressive, but I believe shes a cop first, and a leader and a concerned neighbor who will evenly enforce the laws. The council can also more adequately fund the OED, which is currently understaffed, but an incredibly important resource to support the viability of our small business community. 1. My plan to divest from SPD and invest in community includes a UBI pilot within the list of items to receive investment from that reallocation of funds. What is the order of candidates in the local voters pamphlet? It is unacceptable that we live in a city filled with billionaires, yet see grandmothers, brothers, and cousins living on the street. The potatoes are tips and links that will help you do things like register to vote and turn in your ballot, as well as learn about Washington's unique systems. News and politics editor Donna Gordon Blankinshipandreporter David Kroman. P.O. In answer to your questions, Kate Martin wrote this: Martin's emailed replydid not contain details about whether she was responding to a specific question. . Many Washington state races, including those in Seattle and King County, are nonpartisan. The Future of Environmentalism Video Project. Your ballot can also be mailed, without a stamp, and will be considered valid if its postmarked by Election Day. Over the last decade, the number of houseless individuals has skyrocketed, and actions from city leadership have not supported or stabilized these thousands of individuals. How will you increase the supply of housing that costs less than 30% of renters income? Similar to guaranteed basic income, there should be a guarantee of housing for all. It is imperative when the next mayor negotiates the new contract that the accountability measures from 2017 are restored. Biblical Voter offers voter guides and election tools to enable citizens to exercise their right and privilege to vote in accordance with Gods word and moral absolutes. While the county executive job is nonpartisan, Nguyen serves in the state Senate as a Democrat. (86). Check out our list of State and County-level voter guides, election information and coverage. District 3 covers parts of King County that lie east of Lake Sammamish, from Interstate 90 to the Snohomish County border. While county council positions are nonpartisan, Perry identifies as a Democrat. The voters whose first choice is eliminated will have their votes count toward their second choice candidate. When we reduce SPDs budget, those funds will be transparently allocated to alternatives for community safety, with community-led safety contracts as a top priority, and using participatory budgeting. Lawmakers considered a bill earlier in 2021 that would have allowed local municipalities to experiment with ranked-choice voting, which would allow voters to choose their top candidate and rank others in order of preference so that if their first choice loses, their vote is given to another person. Whose taxes will go up? 2, LD 21Marko Liias SenateStrom Peterson House Pos. Theyre also mailed every month between February and the election to newly registered voters. We must end the undignified neglect of our homeless neighbors by City Hall and our leaders. I opposed this contract in my role as a community police commissioner. Candidates eligible to receive vouchers are listed on the participating candidates' page. Jaime Herrera Beutler, 3rd Congressional District. Mitzi, on the other hand, has pledged to uphold the laws against heroin possession and sales; she had pledged to stand up to Dow Constantine and Dan Satterberg, both of whom want the government-funded heroin dens. National Right to Life. We only edited for typos, otherwise answers are pasted verbatim. It will be the first local election since the Black Lives Matterprotests last summer andvoters first referendum on policing in Seattle. What letter grade would you give Seattles urban tree canopy? The eviction ban was falsely labeled as something we needed to do because of COVID. Subscribe to Q13 FOX: https://www. "Washington is already a leader in the nations push against climate change, and we can do so much more to empower our public transit and build our capacity of green energy. The criminal division prosecutes misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and traffic infractions in Seattle Municipal Court. Our voter's guide is available in 11 languages. To help Seattles economy rebound, I am going to act quickly to remove barriers for businesses to start up and recover from the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. 2023 Bonneville International. The unions goals are protection and advocacy of its members.There has also been several very significant changes to law voted into place by the citizens and also recently signed into law by the governor, which are already strongly directing rules for accountability. Seventy-five percentof Seattle is single-family zoned, meaning that the vast majority of our citys zoning code only allows for individual homes, limiting the development of apartments, townhouses, and multi-family projects. The sheriff has said they are a great idea and something he questions. If you're here, you already are or aspire to be an informed voter. My priorities will ensure no Seattleites are isolated from the city due to infrastructure failures, and I will partner with the federal government to rebuilding our infrastructure. I dont adhere to the finite pie theory thatbecause there are rich people it makes more poor people. If it was about not being able to afford rent, the government should have used rent vouchers, not ask private owners to shoulder the costs. At the same time, we need to provide re-training and support to those who may be harmed by this transition.". I will review the processes for city reviews, inspections and small business permits to reduce the time required for small businesses to start up. Through a coalition of small and large businesses, unions, housing and community leaders, we developed a sustainable funding source that invests in COVID recovery and an equitable future. Where would you get new sources of infrastructure money? 360-902-4180. 9. Additional bike lanes, walking paths, and protected streets can be added to help ease traffic congestion. This guide won't tell you who to vote for, but should help you make the choice for yourself. You can create a personalized voters pamphlet with. 1. Yes, I would eliminate temporary camping on public property. Echohawk's emailed replydid not contain details about whether she was responding to a specific question. In this case, small landlords are on the menu. These approaches have been used effectively in other cities like Houston which reduced homelessness 54% between 2011 and 2019. Districts choosing to participate in a local voters pamphlet are responsible for appointing committee members who agree to write statements. She has an odd hatred of the rich, even though she is a wealthy candidate self-financing her campaign. 1Liz Berry House Pos. Mark James, Marysville City Council, Position #2 . Many people think that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, and have given him the reputation of the Great . Would you support city-wide upzoning to eliminate single-family zoning? The state will even help you find your county elections office, which is where you will likely need to go to register and vote in person between July 26 and primary election day on Aug. 3. When we debuted Crosscuts Seattle and King County Voter Guide ahead of the August primary, we wanted local voters at the heart of it. Sara Nelsonis the co-founder of Fremont Brewing, which she and her husband founded in 2009. Biblical voter offers a collection of resources including Christian Voter Guides that are state specific and align with Biblical values. Todd Herman- Jenny Durkan. How would you make ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations pay more of their share without driving them out of the city? 0 mi Sunrise: 07:40 AM Sunset: 06:45 PM Watch. If we want Seattle to be more equitable then we need to invest in working families so they are part of it. Find out how the AM 770 KTTH talk show hosts would vote in Novembers election. Legislature . The average response time for Priority 911 calls is currently 14 minutes, largely due to understaffing, so hiring to adequately meet our public safety responsibilities is important. Shes also the former executive director of the Transportation Choice Coalition, which advocates for transit in Seattle and across the state. Thomas previously ran for city council in 2015. Connect. Dozens of other municipalities are considering changing their voting system to move toward ranked-choice voting. As Mayor, I will extend the Eviction Moratorium until our communities actually start healing from COVID-19. Yes on King County Charter Amendment 1 - Even-Year Elections Yes on Proposition No. LD 1 Davina Duerr . Watch short videos of statewide candidates, produced by TVW. Your precinct determines which positions you may vote for, so you may see candidates in the complete county guide that do not appear on your ballot. Dominique Torgerson lives in unincorporated King County and started a home-based brewery business there. In the weeks leading up to each election(and occasionally during the legislative session), Crosscut's Election newsletter will provide you with everything you need to know aboutraces, candidates and policy in WA state. When do you anticipate accomplishing that? More than half of our property taxes go to a failed public education system, where 50% of the kids are not learning to read, write and do math and most students are bored out of their minds. During the COVID-19 crisis we saw a substantive uptick in people living in vehicles across the city. We must reform the police to meet these objectives and fund accordingly. He later served as community relations director for former King County Councilmember Julia Patterson. How to use this guide If you're here . Randall's emailed reply did not contain details about whether he was responding to a specific question. Here you'll find recommendations for: President Propositions Superior Court Judges Congress State Senator State Assembly City . We must reform the police to meet these objectives and fund accordingly. You can see what initiatives are gathering signatures to secure a place on the ballot. To stabilize our neighbors and get them off the streets, I will establish Dignity Communities using surplus city property and leasing private property to create safe places for temporary shelter with service providers on site, amenities to meet basic human needs, support teams and job placement for sustainable earned income. Defunding the police by an arbitrarily chosen percentage without a plan to keep community safe is misguided. She also works as an immigration attorney. It is my understanding that he has said he will treat these facilities as a de facto legalization of heroin; the sheriff contends he hasnt said that. Box 7531, Olympia, WA 98507, Thurston County Mainstream Republicans Legislative Reception, The Future of Environmentalism Video Project. We can incentivize the construction and remodeling of homes so they are built to the maximum height and lot coverage. The last time a Republican even came close to winning was in the 1983 Chicago mayoral election. The process continues until a candidate has over 50% of the vote. Dow Constantine has been the King County executive since 2009. As Mayor, I will treat small landlords like the critical partners in meeting Seattles housing needs that they are. Here's what we asked candidates about homelessness: Would you eliminate all camping on public property? Drug addicts must acquire the funds to feed their habit. Over the last decade, the number of houseless individuals has skyrocketed, and actions from City leadership have not supported or stabilized these thousands of individuals. King Conservation District includes all registered voters in King County (excluding the cities of Enumclaw, Federal Way, Milton, Pacific, and Skykomish that do not participate in the District). Gutfeld & Shillue are headed West! 2, LD 26Emily Randall SenateAdison Richards House Pos. March 31, 2021, Gerard Nave passed away on March 31, 2021 in Union, New Jersey. Jason Rantz-Moon is a condescending extremist who bought her primary victory. A desirable place to live, work, and play, Everett is home to over 50,000 residents. This leaves those making the least giving more proportionally back to the community than our highest income earners and large corporations. One such issue is government-funded heroin dens. Each week on "The Divide" Brandi Kruse offers a commentary that. Read reporter David Kroman's story about why this race matters. This guide won't tell you who to vote for,but should help you make the choice for yourself. He was first elected in 2009 on a platform of moving away from hardcore law and order justice. What about election laws and the other Washington? The job: The King County Council is the countys legislative body, responsible for passing new laws and approving the countys budget. I know its possible because at Eagle Village, our shelter targeting those chronically homeless, 53 residents exited and none have returned to homelessness. 1Mary Fosse House Pos. On our business community? B-, but rapidly diminishing toward a C- through poorly planned development. And here's a column opinion writer Joni Balter wrote about "Compassion Seattle.". The solution is housing. Randall's emailed reply did not contain details about whether he was responding to a specific question. In 2020, she ran for lieutenant governor as a Republican. Chelan County Clerk. How federal weed legalization would impact Washington state, ArtSEA: Bronze books in Bellevue and a rush of Seattle readings, The egg shortage won't end anytime soon. We don't have a Voter Guide this year, but below are links to all the articles written about some of the candidates on your ballot: Referendum 90 Jesse Jenson Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Dan Newhouse Duane Davidson Matt Larkin Maia Espinoza Steven O'Ban Jacquelin Maycumber Jeff Wilson Mark Schoesler Luanne Van Werven Matt Boehnke Andrew Barkis Drew [] Unlike the incumbent Council Member 8, I will not support any defunding of Seattle Police. Many key provisions of the federal For the People Act, which is still under consideration by Congress, are already law in Washington state, including the widespread use of mail-in voting, easily traceable paper ballots and same-day voter registration. Proposition No. The ordinance is supported by a progressive coalition of local organizations and passed the King County Council by a 7-2 margin, with only the two most conservative council members in opposition. The project wouldrequire the city to spend more on homelessness and human services, and to open more housing and shelter spaces. Her answers are included nearly verbatim, below. This site will help you figure out how to sign up for an absentee ballot if you do not live in Washington. The Local Voters' Pamphlet is mailed to all residential households in King County about 3 weeks before the election. 1, LD 33Karen Keiser SenateTina Orwall House Pos. We must fund and build 2,500 tiny homes as an immediate solution to this crisis. Here's what we asked candidates about transportation and urban planning: So far, few candidates have responded to these questions. View avoters' guide customized tothe measures and races on your ballot. District 7 is in southwest King County and includes Federal Way and Auburn. If you did not receive a ballot, lost it or just made a mistake while filling it out, you can print a new one at your county elections office website. If so, what does that look like? Come celebrate Anacortes 11th annual Bier on the Pier! There are numerous resources available online. M. Lorena Gonzlezhas been a member of the Seattle City Council since 2015 and is the councila's president. To create this guide, we asked our readers what they want to know before voting this year. Yes! If so, what does that look like? . `Static.COOKIE_BANNER_CAPABLE = true; Candidate statement word limits are based upon the number of voters within each district. 2, LD 44John Lovick SenateBrandy Donaghy House Pos. Rod Dembowski has served on the King County Council since 2013. iVoterGuide. Finding the right information for state voter guides is something we take seriously. Together, we can build back better through affordable housing, economic resiliency for our downtown and neighborhood hubs, a greener economyand more equitable development. This is the second time Nelson has sought a seat on the council with the backing of the business community, losing in the primary in 2017. Read the guidelines here: Five Non-Negotiable Moral Pillars of a Biblical Voter listed in our published work Biblical Voter Booklet, A Step-by-Step Guide to Biblical Voting pages 16 -17 1April Berg House Pos. But this time there's a new challenger who might make the race interesting: state Sen. Joe Nguyen. Ill want to see how effectively this new revenue is spent through 2022 before calling for a new tax as we emerge from the pandemic. What we do is publicly drivenjournalism. To fund this recovery, we need to pursue progressive revenue streams that address the upside-down nature of our tax structure. Do small landlords need specific support from your administration? Legal advice and support must be provided for both renters and individual landlords supporting renters in crisis. "Economic downturns hurt the vulnerable low-income and BIPOC communities the most, and we should prioritize their needs as we recover. If so, how? We should maintain commercial rent control post the crisis to help small businesses not simply stabilize but have the opportunity to thrive in place. All Rights Reserved. If you need help finding more information on the races in your area, read this story. Chapter 17. Langlies path has not been in politics, but instead in construction management. You can see a list of all the races on the Washington Secretary of State website and also on your county elections site. Below, you'll find articles that will help you get your bearings on why these upcoming elections are important. Start of 18-day voting period begins. Emailed questionnaires will not be considered. On the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission website you can find lots of information about the candidates running for city council, mayor and city attorney, including who is paying for their campaign. Certainly mistakes are made, but were doing well overall. Perry's opponent, longtime Republican Kathy Lambert, has lost touch with this diverse and rapidly changing district. For a more detailed explanation of how we decidewhich campaigns to follow, read the item belowunder "methodology" but here's the short answer: Candidates who haven't raised any money have virtually no chance of advancing to the general election. ago "Sadly, Jerry Nave passed away the morning of November 27, 2020. (Dorothy Edwards/Crosscut). The job: The King County executive is in charge of the states largest county government. WTVT, is a Fox owned-and-operated television station located in Tampa, Florida and also serving the nearby city of St. CPD is working an incident at Kroger, 240 New Byhalia Road in Collierville. I do not agree that police unions have a hold over reform and accountability. In the weeks leading up to each election, Crosscut's Electionnewsletter will provide you with everything you need to know about the races, candidates and more. 2, LD 27Yasmin Trudeau SenateLaurie Jinkins House Pos. Sally Caverzan worked several years for social service organizations in addition to working for the postal service and as a rideshare driver. Seattle and King County Primary Voter Guide 2021. Candidates who are eligible to receive vouchers are listed on the participating candidates' page. And the rest will be used to address homeless prevention and food insecurity. Create more flexibility within the Single-family zones, such as reducing the minimum lot size at block ends, Establish more opportunities for Land Trust models. They even ordered the parties to repay the state for court costs. Based on the recent demands for social justice in our country, it is especially important that our Police Department is motivated to improve. Transparency and accountability should never be a part of the bargaining process. In answer to your questions, Brianna Thomas wrote: No, there are publicly held lands that could be put to work, and we cant pretend that sweeping people around the city is a solution.A return to city-sanctioned encampments that provide onsite wrap-around services, autonomyand have a collective sense of community moves us in the immediate right direction of stabilizing folks coming out of concurrent traumas.

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