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This theory explains how the souls from the first Missing Childrens Incident ended up possessing Molten Freddy by FNAF 6. Afton (Purple Guy) is seen helping an employee into a difficult to manage springlock Bonnie suit in the spare room at Fredbears Family Diner in a FNAF 4 minigame, presumably because he is familiar with the mechanisms, since he is the owner of the company that manufactures them. With the grand opening of Freddy Fazbears Pizza, William Afton opened a sister location known as Circus Babys Pizza World. This would make it possible for FNAF 1 to take place beforeSister Locationwhile still allowing Michael to write about the events ofSister Locationin theLogbook. This implies that it was given to another guard sometime after Michael used it. "To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Five Nights at Freddy's. The lore is extremely complex and deep, and without a open-minded grasp of scary . However, the Crying Childs tears activated the animatronics spring locks, causing it to bite down and crush his skull. While he loves the gameplay, for the most part, it is the lore, and indeed the fan-fiction that has kept him engaged with the series this long, and he can't thank Scott Cawthorn enough! Eventually, Freddy Fazbears Pizza was shut down, likely due to the companys irreparable reputation after the tragedies that occurred throughout its history. Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. There, he murdered them one by one and hid their bodies in the animatronic suits. (Henry does not know at this point in time that Michael is the one who is working at the restaurant). The bite of 87. Aaaaand thats the end of that long, convoluted plot line. However, it was Balloras part of the shared consciousness that was making them follow you. WHOLE FNAF STORY AND TIMELINE! A couple things before the timeline, I would like to say that this is a draft of the timeline and not 100% complete so constructive criticism is welcomed as well as notifying me of big holes in my timeline. Rather than entertaining children in-house, this new business rented its animatronics out to various Fazbear Entertainment franchise locations such as Chicas Party World. (quick question, what is "Jr's" in your timeline? Her thighs up to her midriff and her eyes. Charlie (puppet) is killed while inside LEFTE, Afton is killed, Michael (The Player) is killed, Henry is killed (He says he is nearby), Elizabeth is killed (Scrap Baby), Mrs. Afton is killed (Molten Freddy). The new animatronics created for this location was based directly on the popularFredbear & Friendstoys to make them more kid-friendly. But yeah. Five Nights at Freddy's The series namesake, Five Nights at Freddy's, has no confirmed date in the timeline, fnaf lore essay fans widely agree that it likely takes place in However, the unruly kids that came to play at Fazbear's repeatedly ripped Mangle apart. how are you this stupid. The Ennard in Aftons Skin Purple Guy begins after Sister Location. As such, William Afton could slip past their security measures and get a job as the night guard before being switched to the dayshift after only a few weeks. This game also makes use of post-death minigames, eventually depicting the group of murdered children seemingly getting revenge on their killer by cornering him and forcing him to hide in an animatronic where he is crushed and killed. You've saved up all your money; great! 10 - if you pay attention to what Ballora says in her post jumpscare speeches in UCN, she sounds kind of romanitc towards the person you play as, which is commonly assumed to be William, so this would make sense if it was his lover/wife. TheFive Nights at Freddystimeline begins with the opening of the original Fredbears Family Diner. Funtime series becoming too dangerous, so theyre retired underground and Afton's fear of them makes him send Michael into CB rentals eventually. How Long is Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach? My Blog. If you'd like a refuge from the madness, please, do join us on our Discord. Five Nights at Freddys 2. FNAF2 introduced post-death Atar-style minigames and "The Purple Man," whom many fans believe killed several children at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I must say, I did not anticipate such a traffic boost at the end, but with Security breach releasing, perhaps I should not have been so surprised. As the child sits in the dark, they're visited by nightmare versions of common FNAF animatronics Chica, Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxie. I'm sorry to interrupt you Elizabeth, if you still even remember that name. FNaF 1 FNaF 2 FNaF 4 FNaF 3 FNaF World FNaF Sister Location. In total, there were five victims killed in the incident, not including Charlie, who was murdered outside with no evidence that connected William to her death. The part about the "jumping in to save a friend" would be the older brother trying to save cassidy since he knew himbefore hegot murdered by Afton. After thinking about your comment for a while, i have come back to this to make a few ajustments. The main series' lore found in the original 2014 game comes from newspaper clippings and some stories told in recordings. Somebody snuck into the Spring Bonnie or Fredbear suit once again and killed a child, this time, a daytime worker. Henry is William Afton's business partner and designs the animatronics for Afton Robotics. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. FNaF 2: The game takes place in 1987 and explains why the animatronics don't walk around during the day (the bite of 87). https://youtu.be/4rs8B3KG8eE The video is a joke, if. Henry Emily and William Afton were the original owners and founders of Fredbears Family Diner. We play as Mike Schmidt. Intro (FNAF 6) Lyrics. Ennard gets spat out. Its likely thatFNAF AR: Special Deliveryis also part of the canon timeline since it directly references canon events from bothHelp WantedandSecurity Breach. RELATED: Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Endings Explained. If you're looking for some information that's important to you (such as research for work or learning how to manage your money), then the advice here is to first write down the relevant keywords on a piece of paper to figure out exactly what you want, which will be a lot more efficient. The reason he is twitching in the final cutscene of Ultimate Custom Night is because the twitching is not caused by a spring-lock failure, instead it represents the unrest of whoever is in the suit. We're out of the woods into 2022, but I suspect we're just at the eye of a storm. But other than that, i am extremely happy with this timeline and will probably make a video out of it if i get enough people confirming it. Email. Aside from the Puppet, which was placed at the Prize Counter, the classic animatronics were kept in the back and used for parts. This first Freddy Fazbears Pizza location struggled to operate for several years before inevitably shutting down. By melting the haunted metal, William was able to inject this liquid Remnant into new animatronics to give them life, presumably to figure out how to become immortal himself. they threw the one that had foxy mask's little brother into the fredbear . If thats the case, Sister Location would have to take place after FNAF 1 since William likely dismantled the classic animatronics for their Remnant after the FNAF 1 location had already closed, making it impossible for Sister Location to take place first. It does not kill Afton. This timeline is 100% factual. T-shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more designed and sold by independent artists. The game plays a cutscene, showing a video of the pizzeria burning down with the animatronics trapped inside and cuts out as the fire consumes the building and its contents. This image is a highly edited copy of Tom DeLay's "Freddy's . 4 - FNaF 1 Location opens and shuts down for the first time (first 5 murders, Foxy gogogo minigame) - circus babys pizza worldopens and Elizabeth gets clawed. Hidden in the source code of Scott Cawthons website were lines of code that can be read as Client Directory: Chicas Party World, private birthday booking (5 or less) children, service log: Afton Robotics. 1 Fredbears family diner opens (Introduction of Spring Freddy (Fredbear) and Spring bonnie), 2 - Fredbear Juniors opens (Fredbear and friends) because 1st location was so successful (Introduction of Freddy and gang). Facebook. It's time to rest - for you, and for those you have carried in your arms. I left a few details out but if you are commenting on this timeline, you should be able to fill in the gaps with prior knowledge. FNAF3 only features one physical animatronic, Springtrap, who is believed to be possessed by the late William Afton, and several apparitions of previous animatronics that cannot physically harm the player. One night, a kid named Gregory was trapped inside the Pizzaplex after hours. After the success of this first restaurant, Henry and William founded Fazbear Entertainment and produced a popular line of toys featuring characters from their new hit cartoon, Fredbear & Friends. Fazbear Entertainment is formed and buys the characters (Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Golden Freddy) from Henry and William Afton. Other Fazbear animatronics like Bonnie, Freddy, and Foxie also appear in circus-themed "Funtime" variations. The Crying Child had a habit of running off to this location and did so frequently enough that his father became enraged. FNAF 6 - Copypasta My name is Fredrick Fitzgerald Fazbear. Later complaints came from guests that the animatronics smelled foul and were leaking mysterious fluids, leading fans to the speculation that the children's corpses may have been hidden inside the animatronics. In addition to renting out the unused clown-themed animatronics created for Circus Babys Pizza World like Baby, Ballora, and Balloon Boy, Circus Babys Entertainment and Rentals manufactured several new animatronics, including Funtime Foxy, Funtime Chica, and Funtime Freddy. The events of Sister Location take place some time after Baby was put out of order and after Afton Robotics closes, though the exact amount of time after isnt specified. Five Nights at Freddys 1. there was a spare suit somehow..(AKA GOLDEN FREDDY) they were working well, than william or micheal afton killed 6 kids 1 went to freddy 1 went to bonnie 1 went to chica 1 went to foxy and 1 went to puppet and golden freddy, witch caused them to activate AT night,somehow we saw mangle BEFORE the toy animatronics were realeased in a minigame on halloween editon, same with balloon boy i think idk but oh well i wont queston it:). William likely murdered at least two more children before he was caught on camera and convicted. Footnotes) I truly don't understand the meaning of "jumping in to protect a childhood friend" and the the spirit of the logbook not being Golden Freddy, so please elaborate on these points. The child was hospitalized and eventually died of his injuries. Springtrap always has that leaning, decayed look because not only are they at least 25 years old, but they had also been partially crushed by the springlocks, thus, Ennard is Springtrapped. 84024. Furthermore, the puppet is the only logical choice for this position since process of elimination leaves only the Puppet to be the one who would be buried there. I encourage you to compare my version of the timeline with your interpretation of the series and with the evidence and details found in the games themselves. The bite of 83 was caused by bullying, not by violent animatronics. However, due to their own incompetence, they accidentally scan a "virus" into the characters, making them go haywire. (In the house you can find an empty girls bedroom - Elizabeths bedroom). This explains why he is able to ask such personal questions because it is the older brother communicating with the younger brother.

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fnaf timeline copypasta

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