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You can get the charge out of the way early, or hold onto your money until you actually sail. My two sons are coming on the cruise with me. I am curious why some of the same drinks are over $13 in one location and $12 or less in another. When you check in, youll be asked if you wish to set up the account with a credit card or debit card. We had a short four-night cruise to Royal Caribbeans private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, in the Bahamas. The calculator estimates the total cost for beverages, including the cost of beverage packages, gratuities, and upcharges. Each guest, regardless of age, will be assessed the daily gratuity as recognition for the hard work crew members do each day. Example pool vs Bamboo. Some lines also pool the tips altogether and then distribute them throughout the year. Guests over 2 years old and under 12 years old pay $7 per day. Jenni. Classic Soda Package. While the cruise lines might say differently, we think that gratuities arent included in the headline price for marketing purposes. How strict are they on how much bottles you can bring on board? Here are the others: 4 Ways That People Cheat The Royal Caribbean Drink Package. Jenni. Should you prepay gratuities for a Royal Caribbean cruise? I hope that helps! You should think about how much time you plan to spend on the ship. Were booked on the Liberty of the Seas cruise in November 2020. Use this section of the Royal Caribbean Beverage Package Calculator to enter information about anticipated beverage consumption and pricing information. Plus, as we were sailing from the UK it was easy to bring our own wine and cans of pop on board so we didnt need to buy many drinks on the ship. Its a small 2.25 oz. Why do I have to pay gratuities for my toddler? Keep in mind that Royal Caribbean generally requires that if one adult purchases the Deluxe package, that all other adults over the age of 21 traveling in the same cabin purchase the Deluxe package; this requirement may be waived if you contact Royal Caribbean, explain the other adult(s) does not consume alcohol, and request to downgrade the additional package to Refreshment. So the longer the cruise, the higher the gratuities as well. You may be better off opting to pay for drinks as you go as its hard to break even without drinking a lot of alcohol each day. Royal Caribbean Drink Packages. Automatic gratuity charge: None. Can I please get the link to the calculator? On the Oasis Class and Quantum Class ships, the drinks package limit is $13 rather than $12 to account for these ships having slightly higher drinks prices. You simply pay this extra amount in full for your cruise as part of your cruise fare. In Miami the worst place to board the ship. That said, its unusual to adjust the gratuity amount, and the staff works extremely hard to make your trip enjoyable. Do you know about when you'd like to sail? Thanks for this . There are two ways to buy a Royal Caribbean drink package: Royal Caribbean drink package sharing is not allowed. The latest increase was in 2018 when gratuities went up by $1 per person, per day. For example, Carnival does not charge tips for kids under two years old. I didnt know I could have the tips removed from my room charges. Mailbag: Why do I have to pay gratuities for my toddler? How To Prepay Gratuities On Royal Caribbean Website. Whichever package you choose, you must buy it for every adult passenger for every day of your cruise. or would i be charged for the whole pina colada with alcohol? Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have slightly different daily gratuities. Royal Caribbeans rules state that each person must have the same package. First of all, if youre feeling a little confused, dont worry you arent alone. Its possible to make a saving by doing this if you have the time and energy to track the prices. My gf is a big tea drinker and is considering the package purely for that. The discount is increased by up to 30% during promotional periods such as Black Friday. The automatic daily gratuity is based on customary industry standards. How To Prepay Gratuities On Royal Caribbean Website Guests can pre-pay gratuities by calling 866-562-7625 or logging into before* their sailing. Without your contribution, the compensation for the staff members will decrease. Hi Katie. Most cruise lines require that EVERYONE who is in the cabin and 21 or older to purchase the package. Lets say the drinks package costs an average of $75 per day. Whilst some other cruise lines limit the number of drinks you can order to 15 in any 24-hour period, Royal Caribbean has no daily limit. Guests who have pre-paid their tips will not see a daily charge during their cruise. If you are experiencing blank or invalid results, try refreshing your browser. Could you please tell me how I can improve it? Instead of one passenger paying a lot and another paying hardly anything, these set amounts ensure that everyone pays their fair share. Alternatively, you may get some free onboard credit to spend. However, to do so, you must go to Guest Services, before the last evening of the cruise and request that t. So you wont have to pay any more for your drinks unless you order something really specialist. If you wish to recognise outstanding service by adding extra gratuities onboard the ship, you are welcome to do so. So, in order to calculate the amount your family will owe for gratuities, you would multiply: $14.50 X Number of People in Cabin X Length of Cruise = Amount You Owe. Any tips taking a 7 mths old . When you take a Royal Caribbean cruise, one of the costs to passengers are gratuities (tips) to crew members during, Royal Caribbean will be raising its recommended gratuities for sailings that depart on or after July 1, 2015.The new, Royal Caribbean will be raising its automatic daily gratuity amountthat guests pay night of their cruise beginning on, Royal Caribbean has announced it will raise itsrecommended gratuities for sailings that depart on or after May 01,, Royal Caribbean provides excellent service to guests of all ages, and with that service comes an automatic gratuity, Royal Caribbean Australia announced today a new fare structure that includesgratuities for stateroom attendants and. Alcoholic beverages that exceed this amount will be charged the difference plus gratuity on the difference. The automatic tip is USD 16.00 USD, or USD 18.50 USD for suite guests, applied to each guest's SeaPass account on a daily basis. Coca-Cola (including diet, zero, caffeine-free and many different flavours like strawberry, cherry and lime), Fanta, Sprite and Dr Pepper (and zero versions), Powerade (and zero version), Vitamin water and Hi C, Barrys root beer and creme soda (and diet versions), Minute Maid orange and lemonade (and light versions), You cannot use a Coffee Card in Royal Caribbeans Starbucks cafes, Brewed coffee is always free from the Windjammer buffet, Specialty coffee is included in both the alcohol and no alcohol drink packages, On the first formal night of the cruise, attend the, Guests who have spent more than 30 nights at sea with Royal Caribbean (Platinum members and above) can attend a, Guests who have spent more than 80 nights at sea with Royal Caribbean (Diamond members and above) get free drinks between 5 pm and 8.30 pm for. What do you do about the porters at the ports. This also applies to sailings departing from Australia and New Zealand. If you dont have a credit card, then youll need to link a debit card to your onboard account, or deposit cash. I hope this helps. Ive just used $USD in this guide to keep things consistent for most readers. It was quite good to fill up and take off the ship with me. $16.50 per person, per day for guests in suites. Each day there will be a gratuity charge or a lump sum added at the end of the trip. So, you can get an alcohol or soft drink package for the adults without being required to buy any kind of package for your children. Enjoy! I have cruised many times before and I always order the royal caribbean premium drink package. In my former job managing cruise websites for a travel agent, I saw cruise line campaigns change regularly and prices fluctuate almost daily. In fact, your cruise line might leave a few envelopes in your room exactly for this purpose. Making feeds? The two common rationales for not prepaying are if you have a substantial amount of onboard credit that could offset your SeaPass account charges, or if you prefer to give crew members their automatic gratuity rate in cash. For those who drink mostly coffee, Royal Caribbean offers a Cafe Select Coffee Card. This is extremely helpful. #36. When you take a Royal Caribbean cruise, as well as your cruise fare, youll be expected to pay a little extra to the crew members. For cruises that start in North America, the minimum drinking age is 21. Do we need separate soft drinks packages for the kids or can they share ours? ), I have just updated this post as the gratuity on Royal Caribbeans drinks packages is now 18% for 2021. First, any time that you buy a drink from the bar, you will be charged an extra tip, usually 18%-20% of the menu price, depending on the cruise line. Extremely helpful esp0ecially about tipping and what to do. To save you the headache, Ive created a handy tool that does the maths for you. Starting September 7, 2022, Royal Caribbean International will increase the onboard gratuities that guests will pay for the service they receive from crewmembers.Gratuities for guests occupying standard cabins (Junior Suites and below) range from $14.50 to $16.00 per day per person. !I just cant afford that and i dont see how its justified. What the real deal? Doing this is a good way to ensure that youre served first next time! This section of the Royal Caribbean Beverage Package Calculator advises you of the most cost-effective beverage package given your anticipated beverage consumption and pricing inputs. Royal Caribbeans Crown & Anchor Society awards loyalty points for every night that guests spend on-board Royal Caribbean ships. Select the number of nights for the cruise, from a minimum of two nights to a maximum of thirty nights. Most recently, Disney Cruise Line increased the rate to $14.50 in July 2022. This is also known as a SeaPass account. So, dont pay the gratuities in advance and wait for the onboard credit to be applied. For most people, the service they receive on a cruise is outstanding. To account for this, the drink package limit is matched to it. The number of years you have worked in the concerned organisation. Really, do they get an hourly wage thats so low they need tip to survive? The advantage here is that you get to hold on to more of your money for longer. Additionally, package holders receive a 40% discount on wines priced up to $100 and a 20% discount on wines priced above $100. Are the drink prices in US dollars or Australian while on an Australian run. These days, the gratuities are set daily amounts paid by each passenger. Gratuity = n*b*15 / 26. These days, with the new protocols, Im not sure what the rules will be on refilling our own bottles. List of Free Drinks on Royal Caribbean Cruises, 56 amazing examples of Royal Caribbean customer service, The Best Time to Buy A Royal Caribbean Drink Package, 15 Ways To Use Your Royal Caribbean Onboard Credit Like A Pro,,, Royal Caribbean Cruise Refreshment Package Review,, Tipping is out of control everywhere. The staff works hard to ensure that your vacation is a great one. Likewise, carrying large amounts of cash isnt recommended for safety reasons. When you log into Royal Caribbeans cruise planner, look out for special offers like this one. If tips are not required, do their supervisors know about this up charge? If purchasing beverages la carte (without a package) is the recommended option, then the calculator estimates the savings achieved by Pay As You Go versus the lowest-cost beverage package, factoring in gratuities and upcharges. Automatic gratuity charge: $16 to $18.50 per person, per day. This will reduce the overall balance you have available to spend. For guests that like to budget their vacations and spread out the total cost of the cruise, this is a popular choice. Royal Caribbean drinks package: Is it worth it? Keep in mind that Royal Caribbean generally requires that if one adult purchases the Deluxe package, that all other adults over the age of 21 traveling in the same cabin purchase . As far as your trip, likely very little. Gratuity Calculator. Does the deluxe drink package include adding items to your mini bar? Then, contact one with a best-price guarantee and have them beat it! Im guessing they make it cheaper on a longer cruise compared to a 3- or 4-nighter so its really hard to compare with what Ive seen it for on my own cruises. Carnival Cruise Line also increased . No, you would have to buy it for every day of your cruise. So you would need to let someone else be served and then order again. If you dont have a lot of money available when you come to pay for your cruise, then dont worry about paying the gratuities right away. Answer (1 of 7): Yes, you can. Take a look: Royal Caribbean drinks menus with prices. Tap the for Winter 2024 Caribbean sailings. Be sure to join my email list for my best cruise tips and handpicked deals each week. So you might be charged $15 in tips for a day. Your drinks package will include gratuity on all drinks. The calculator does not take into account the three beverage vouchers that Crown and Anchor Society members holding Diamond, Diamond Plus, or Pinnacle elite status receive when attending the Exclusive Nightly Diamond Event. If gratuities show on our account when we settle at cruise end, we ask for them to be removed. Royal Caribbean charges a gratuity of $16.00 per person, per day. In addition, prepaying gratuities locks in the current gratuity rate, even if the rate were to go up later. You can also take a quick look at the Royal Caribbean Beverage package prices: Deluxe Beverage Package - $44 to $55 per day ($63-$70 for 2019 sailings) Premium Refreshment Package - $26 per . Each passenger pays a daily gratuity that covers the services of the crew members they interact with the most, and this daily rate is charged automatically unless the guest pre-pays it prior to the cruise. Hi Anthony. Disney Cruise Gratuity Calculator. Celebrity Cruises Perks Calculator: Are Perks Worth It. You may get reduced kids prices, included drinks or free gratuities. Guests who booked prior to September 7, 2022 can opt to prepay gratuities prior to sailing to take advantage of the current rates. Thanks! If you book your cruise during a free drinks offer, then you will get drinks included with your cruise. Im not saying do it, but people do it. There may be other areas for tipping while on a cruise that are not covered by this page, including shore excursions, land tours, sightseeing, land based transportation including taxis, charter busses or limousines, tour guides, luggage handlers, room service delivery, land based . Instead, gratuities on a cruise ship are highly automated, with most people just electing to prepay or being charged a set amount for each day on the ship. I am going on my first cruise in February and found your information very helpful thank you. Jenni. The gratuities go to staff that provide passenger-facing services. I'm so sorry that this post wasn't useful for you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They also do not include the charge for special souvenir or commemorative beverage containers. In your article are you saying that on a cruise out of Southampton uk. MyTime dining is when you dont have a set dining time and instead, you can arrive at the main restaurant whenever you like. Royal Caribbean drinks packages include all tips (also known as gratuities). While this is intended to make things easier, the honest truth is that having automatic gratuities can actually lead to more questions. Royal Caribbean's Deluxe Beverage Package is their highest-tier beverage package. The drinks prices vary slightly by ship, with around a $1 difference on some ships. Hi Rebecca. Royal Caribbean doesnt offer free drinks packages. For staff members that rely on these dollars, that can be a major blow. RCCL currently applies an automatic gratuity amount on your onboard account, on a daily basis. Royal Caribbean Beverage Package Calculator: Instructions and Explanations . When you book the cruise youll have the ability to prepay gratuities. This calculator is not endorsed by Royal Caribbean Group. recommended) gratuities, and the ability to increase or decrease the amounts as you desire. They will still go out of their way to make your cruise comfortable and enjoyable. That doesnt seem fair. Do you know the difference in the tea? You can use my free drinks package calculator to work out what your bar bill would be with no drink package. Whether you pay gratuities before or after your cruise is your choice, but its never recommended to remove them. As a way to reward our crew members for their outstanding service, tips are shared between dining,bar& culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience. To do so, simply head down to Guest Services on the ship to tell them that you want to change your tip amounts. The actual daily package cost can vary depending on the cruise and ship. Last time I cruised with Royal Caribbean in December 2019 you could do both options. The gratuity is added on at the final checkout so you will see the final price before you commit to buy it. A cruise which ordinarily costs 699 might go up to 999 with drinks included. This makes paying for your cruise more manageable. Whilst you are free to do this, it isnt recommended. over all its ships, not just the cruise we were on. How Can I Know How Much I Will Be Charged in Tips? Be aware that when you sign the receipt there will be another line for an additional tip. *Please see all applicable Terms & Conditions for Promotions. We rarely buy anything on the ship of value. Not sure if Id risk it though! There are two good reasons to prepay gratuities before your cruise. This figure reflects the maximum per-alcoholic-beverage cost that is covered with a Deluxe (alcohol) package. Guests under 2 years old don't pay gratuity. For example, a family of four who is taking a seven-night cruise would owe $406 for gratuities. Why wouldnt they have the limit at $13 or do I have incorrect info? Crown & Anchor Diamond status entitles you to attend an Exclusive Nightly Diamond Event between 5 pm and 8 pm each evening where you can receive three free drinks from a list of beers, wines, spirits and sodas. If you plan to be off the ship exploring ports most days, then not only will you not have as much time on board to drink your drinks, but youre also less likely to want a hangover! So Im booked and considering the drinks package. Ive worked in the cruise industry since 2015 and now my blog helps over a million people to plan their cruises each month. Whilst you could easily drink five cocktails by the pool and then a couple of glasses of wine in the evening on a sea day, how much would you drink if you were off the ship from 9 am until 6 pm most days? If youre a first-time cruiser, then theres little doubt that you have questions about gratuities and tipping on your cruise. The calculator will account for these upcharges. Disney Cruise Line recommends a gratuity amount of $14.50 per person per night. Thank you in advance. Norwegian Cruise Lines doesnt charge gratuities for kids under three. Percentage of cruisers that remove auto gratuities who tell everyone they tip in cash "to those who serve them": 100%. If you wish to reward one or two crew members in particular, you could pay the standard gratuity fee and also hand cash to any crew members who you feel are particularly deserving. They all end up being the same thing a set daily charge to passengers thats passed on to the crew. Be sure to join my email list for my best cruise tips and handpicked deals each week. Be the first to rate this post. b = Last drawn basic salary + dearness allowance. The amount you pay will vary by cruise line, but they are all in the same ballpark. We offer you this handy calculator tool for determining the appropriate gratuities for the crew members that help make your Disney cruise magical. In this case, youd be charged for the whole drink. A daily automatic gratuity rate of$16.00 USD per person, per day for guests in Junior Suites and below, or $18.50 USD per person, per day for guests in Grand Suites and above, is applied to each guests SeaPass account on a daily basis. Weve never bought a drink package, always paid per drinkbut are considering this trip. Its not a great idea to link a debit card to your cruise account because Royal Caribbean will place a hold on some of the money. We hope you find the gratuity to be an accurate reflection of your satisfaction and thank you for your generous recognition of our staff. Just pop your email in the form and Ill send you a link to the calculator. Overpayment of gratuities is allowed but is not expected. So when youre on the ship, its one less charge to worry about. As of September 7, 2022,the automatic daily gratuity charge will increase: Royal Caribbean last raised gratuitiesJanuary 2, 2018. Yes, thats correct. Our goal has been to provide our readers with expansive coverage of all aspects of the Royal Caribbean experience. Note the wording used. Sure, just pop your email in the box and it will come straight to you. Royal Caribbean gratuities for infants may seem high, but when you think about it, the crew members do a lot of work for each baby, perhaps even more than for an adult. Are you able to advise how much shots were roughly? Want to tip more? That said, some cruise lines make exceptions for small kids. My question is, what happens if I buy the beverage package of only soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages, and at some point during the trip I want to order, for example, a pina colada with alcohol? Here are the policies for major cruise lines at the moment: When you book your cruise, the gratuity amount is usually disclosed in full for your trip, with an option to prepay the amount with your cruise fare. My husband and i are going on our first cruise later this spring and bought a deluxe package. Suggested read: 56 amazing examples of Royal Caribbean customer service. However, you can get all-inclusive cruise package deals that have drinks included. Gratuity charges are typically not mandatory and can be adjusted. Cruise lines rarely use the word free, instead they use included. Can I buy unlimited beverage package for 2 days only in a four days cruise , or it has to be for all days ? I think these amounts are reasonable. Who gets the tips? Drink Package Calculator. Dont ask you dont get! Not to split them across all the employees equally. The exact breakdown of how much each staff member gets isnt published, just like their salary isnt published. Whilst it was nice to be able to fill up my drink from the machine, I didnt like that I had to carry the cup everywhere with me. 20102023Regal Sea Media LLC. Got it for 39 pppd day! The drinks package is active on the island as well as the ship and we spent a lot of time on-board drinking cocktails in the hot tub. In this case, you can simply choose to have them lumped in with your cruise fare, paying them all at once. The formula used by our online gratuity calculator is: G = n*b*15/26. Be the first to rate this post. For guests booked through travel advisors, their advisor may add pre-paid gratuities to the guests' booking prior to sailing*. Wines are available to purchase by the bottle. We never use a credit card for our on ship account. The daily cost is per guest. The daily gratuities are shared among dining, bar & culinary services staff, stateroom attendants and other hotel services teams who work behind the scenes. On Anthem of the Seas and other Quantum-class ships you can order drinks from the robotic bartender. Beverage packages can be used at CocoCay, Royal Caribbeans private island in the Bahamas and at Labadee, Royal Caribbeans private beach in Haiti. Sterilisers? Royal Caribbean Gratuities: What you need to know, Royal Caribbean raises its automatic gratuities, Royal Caribbean to raise gratuity amount for guests, Royal Caribbean raises gratuity amount for guests. You have entered an incorrect email address! Hi, I would Like to know something. Current gratuities breakdown - Royal Caribbean International - Cruise Critic Community. Royal Caribbean drinks prices are on the high end when compared to other cruise lines. When we researched tipping policy on a recent Princess cruise, we found that the cruise line pools that money and uses it for bonuses, etc. We just came back from a Cruise to Nowhere aboard the Quantum of the Seas as well. The calculator will auto-update as you enter information about your cruise. Jenni. If you booked directly with Royal Caribbean, you can either call Royal Caribbean . Where n = Tenure of service completed in the company. Since they are not . One thing which I noticed is that the bigger the freebie, the higher the base price. If purchasing beverages la carte (without a package) is the best option, the calculator will recommend Pay As You Go.. We are no spring chickens the three of us are just under 70. would i be charged the difference between a virgin pina colada and a pina colada with alcohol? For the best price, you should always book your drinks package in advance before your cruise and not wait until you get on board the ship. I have a general question I am booked on the Adventure of the Sea in February wondering if the muster station is done outside standing or inside able to sit down.. Hi Jill. On or after September 7, 2022, regardless of when the booking was created, gratuities paid while onboard are subject to the new, increased rates. Gratuities on Royal Caribbean are obligatory, so it is a matter of when you prefer to pay them. Tipping on Royal Caribbean Cruises is straightforward - a standard daily rate is charged for all guests (no matter the age). Jenni, Hi Jose, If you celebrate a milestone birthday mid-way through the cruise, you should ask the Guest Services Manager to modify your record to allow you to drink alcohol after your birthday. If you dont decide to prepay the tips, then the amount is automatically charged to your onboard account each day. The slight problem we have is my cousin has stability problems, his hands are very shaky , and he is unstable on his feet , dont get me wrong he gets about on his, but he could not serve himself for coffee or breakfast and the like. Hi Jose. We can take on wine and sift drinks ??. Notice of suitability: This tip calculator is designed to help you with the cruise tipping recommended by the line. We are cruising with NCL later this year & we have a beverage package included & gratuities included does that mean we will not pay any more gratuities at end of cruise? If you do, Royal Caribbean will automatically charge your card at the end of your cruise. Feb 23. Since 2019, Royal Caribbean has been cutting down on single-use plastics onboard its ships. The service on Royal Caribbean cruises is generally exceptional. And when you leave the dining room, no need to drop down any money on the table. To work out the total gratuity for your cruise, you should multiply the daily gratuity charge by the number of nights and the number of passengers in your party. Suite gratuity rate will change from $17.50 to $18.50 per day per person. They recognize that the staff goes above and beyond to make their vacation enjoyable. Here are the average Royal Caribbean drinks prices: If youd like to know exactly which drinks are available on Royal Caribbean cruise ships and how much they cost, I have taken photos of the bar menus on board Mariner of the Seas. In fact, the staff will love that you want to give them more money. Starting Sept. 7, Royal Caribbean will charge guests in non-suite staterooms . Posted 3 hours ago. At the end of your cruise, youll receive an envelope that you can use to give extra cash tips if you wish. I have some photos of the drink menus here: This may help you to find the answer to your question. Free Dining Offer FREE SPECIALTY DINING for 2: on select categories, ships and sail dates. Royal Caribbean Australia introduces streamlined cruise fares that include gratuities. To work out if a drinks package is worth it, you need to work out how many drinks you would need to drink each day to break even. All I can see is my cruise planner prices which are $95+ per day!! The best way to save money on your Royal Caribbean drink package is to buy it a few days after booking your cruise. She has worked in the cruise industry since 2015 and has taken over 20 cruises. That means people like the room steward who cleans your cabin and the dining staff. Ill be cruising in November on Oasis of the Seas. Jenni. If you book a cruise with free gratuities, it means that Royal Caribbean will pay the gratuities to the staff members for you, so you dont need to worry about paying them. Can I ask there is a limit of bringing drinks on board yourselves but how do they actually know if you have brought more than the allowance? What should I do to highlight this so as not to embarrass him on board. Royal Caribbean offers guests the choice of prepaying gratuities for select crew members on its ships. How much extra does Royal Caribbean charge for a double?

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